Michigan Marans

Breeding to a Higher Standard


As a technology enthusiast, I have taken my love for Marans breeding and combined it with my area of expertise..technology.  I am a true tech nerd, I am comfortable with that label.  I have been in the field of IT for 20+ years and hold a Master of Science in Business Information Technology.  I like taking real world problems or scenarios and attempt to apply technology as a solution.  Which leads to to a big problem when breeding chickens...

As many people start out in poultry, they are usually drawn to inexpensive incubators in order to "give it a try".  They soon realize the importance of a more reliable incubator.  However, even in the most expensive incubator, there are some features that I feel are lacking.  First, a chicken incubator does it's thing, largely unattended for 21 days.  In that time we are all nervous wrecks, checking as often as possible, fiddling with temp and humidity, etc.  Especially if you have wandered into the more exotic breeds and have ever incubated six eggs that cost $150 that were shipped across country which you waited months for.  

The solution:

Currently under patent review by the US Patent Office, I am engineering and patenting the communicating incubator.  What this device does is constantly monitor the temperature and humidity of your incubator.  This device also logs this information to an easy to use portal that is accessible anywhere with a computer or smartphone.  There are alarm limits that are user settable, for instance if temperature or humidity falls outside of a range you choose, you will either get a text or an email that there is an alarm condition.  Usually what goes through the mind of people that have lost a hatch is..if I only knew a little sooner.  Well, now you can, even while you sleep, are at work, or on vacation.  Not only can temp and humidity be monitored and tracked, so can pretty much anything else you choose.  Vibration, motion, etc.  All solutions can be customized. THe package has a very small footprint and connects to the wireless Internet signal in your home.  There is also a cellular version available for a low monthly fee ($4.99) that requires no contracts.  If you need it for one month, activate it, then cancel it when you don't need it. It's very simple.  All that being said, here is a link to the products page: Incubator Monitoring System.