Michigan Marans

Breeding to a Higher Standard

About Us

We are a small family homestead in China Township, Michigan. We do not breed for volume, but rather to improve the breed and share our success.  It is my goal to raise birds for show for my children.  We are very careful to only select those that display the traits that are true to the French standard of the breed, and are constantly improving. We are strictly focused on the Black Copper variety of Marans.  We do not breed any other type.

MI Marans breeding stock all have the proper eye color, feather coloring, leg color, beak color, toe/shank feathering, proper tail angle ratios, etc.  We have worked hard to only choose those that meet the French standard. It is important to recognize these defects and remove them from breeding should and when they occur. We remain vigilant to maintain a high quality bird, while some sacrifice quality for quantity, we do not do that here.