Black Copper Marans Black Copper Marans Big Waddle Four year olds call them like they see them. I didn't name him. 154799147 Top Angle Two hens left and roo on right 152077741 My Favorite Hen 152077743 Here she is again 152077744 And Again 152078245 Handsome Man 153813942 Rear View Shows nice feathering of outer leg shank and outer toe. Good coloring of neck and cape. Saddle feathers are coming in nicely. 152078246 Long Day This is one of the best things about this breed that I have experienced. I have handled them all since they were chicks. I still pick this guy up and carry him around with me. I attribute this conditioning to their behavior, they know they are safe around humans. I took this photo of him about 12" from his face, he opened an eye and then went back to sleep. 152078248 Big Waddle's Daughter You can't see me! 170457582 BW Pullet Pullet from Big Waddle. Pretty girl. 170457583 198212431 Struttin My Stuff 198212432 Gaggle of Hens 198212433 What? I'm not a chicken? 198212434 Feathered Shanks & Outer Toe 198212435 Sneak Crouch 198212436